Kodiak Daily Mirror - Letter to the Editor No free land giveaway
Letter to the Editor: No free land giveaway
by Neal Cooper
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Apathy destroys nations, according to documented history.

Last Friday, an article was published in the Kodiak newspaper in which another entitlement entity wishes that free land be given to them, stating that they do not have land and wish to have land to gather food from and do business on.

The military land on Kodiak is for the most part available to gathering for all. This entity does not gather anything but money. I have been picking food on Navy and then Guard property for nearly 40 years. I have never seen one of them out foraging with me. When these entities acquire land they put up signs forbidding me and others from the property unless we pay to trespass on what we have been using previously.

Government land is taxpayer land. Everyone for the most part can use most of that land now without strings attached. I am an American and one of the 50 percentiles that actually pay taxes and forages. The land in question is all of ours and I vote NO to those that want the land so they can charge me for using something that belongs to all of us.

This is no different than land barons and carpet baggers years ago going around and taking lands any way they could, and building empires on the sweat of others and the misfortune of many. From crooked politicians making deals for them as well. When are we as Americans going to start saying no more handouts! Why can’t these groups just buy land like the rest of us?

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