Kodiak Daily Mirror - Crew hauls 2 000 pounds of junk out of ravine
Crew hauls 2,000 pounds of junk out of ravine
by Peter J Mladineo
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Junk left in the Monashka Bay Road ravine -- hauled out by a community cleanup effort Saturday. (Don Roberts photo)
Junk left in the Monashka Bay Road ravine -- hauled out by a community cleanup effort Saturday. (Don Roberts photo)
A community cleanup featured a massive out-hauling of junk out a ravine off of Monashka Bay Road not far from the Veterans of Foreign Wars building.

Don Roberts, a member of the Cleanup Kodiak group that schedules its events on Facebook, reports that the all-volunteer crew moved more than 2,000 pounds of junk and trash.

This was all done in the pouring rain Saturday, the summer solstice.

“We picked up refrigerators, car parts and tires,” Roberts told the Mirror.

They also found discarded paint cans and other items. Much of the junk was sitting in a brook running out to the Bay, Roberts noted.

One issue the cleanup crew had besides the unauthorized dump itself was that dumping things here requires a lot of work – especially heavy appliances.

“Accidents are one thing but when you get intentional dumping that irritates us…

To get there you have to physically drag the stuff from the vehicle and toss it,” he added.

Charlie Greulich came with several members of the Kodiak Off-Road club.

They proved to be the heavy lifters, utilizing the winch and chains on Greulich’s vehicle.

“My jeep’s got a winch on it so when we took the trash that was illegally dumped, we put my winch on it and got a group of guys to go down into that ravine and pull out the trash,” he said.

The hauling ended badly fraying one of Greulich’s new cables too.

He reports that there is plenty more trash in the ravine that could be moved and hopes to have the Off-Roaders working on it soon.

Greulich estimates that they removed one-third of the waste in the ravine in the four hours they worked.

“There’s still half a truck, probably 15 or 20 washers and driers and refrigerators and probably 20 or 30 tires. We probably we’re going to head back out there and do more work if we can get more people involved and get another winch or two,” Greulich added.

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